It’s been months since I last posted here. Today is the day, since I have a day off in Austin TX. This blog was originaly about our open mic night visits, I still do an open mic from time to time but Celeste and I have been traveling and I've been doing more and more solo shows. I thought I update you on our travels. Let’s talk about Oklahoma. Our 1st trip to Oklahoma was back in September we visited the Tulsa area. I didn’t know what to expect but since my friends there had been suggesting a Tulsa visit for the last couple of decades, I figured there must be something to it. I did wait a little too long to make the trip but on the positive side, I’ve heard it said that musically speaking, Tulsa is experiencing a surge in musical talent and creativity that it hasn’t seen in decades. It’s happening right now. There are a number of venues and dozens of performers to populate them on a nightly basis.

That 1st trip included a solo show at The Colony, sitting in with many great bands: Tom Skinner’s Red Dirt crew, Paul Benjaman Band, & Wink Burcham, along with many other talented musicians.  Best of all, was seeing old friends and making new ones. That tour was capped off with 3 days at the Stone River Festival in Chandler, OK. All the great talent from the region shared the stage for a really fun weekend. I believe I was the only performer from out of state.

We are currently on a tour that put us in Tulsa for about 10 days. The shows included a house concert at the lovely James’ estate and one at the beautiful Taylor Farm with Monica Taylor, our gracious hostess, a solo show, and guest spots with 7 great Tulsa heroes including another round with the father of the Red Dirt music movement, Tom Skinner. Sunday at Guthrie Green “Eat Street” with Dustin Pittsley was a gas.  Make sure to check out Guthrie Green next time you’re in Tulsa – a state of the art outdoor venue! I will include links here but remember that this will just be a sample, if you want to really look around, you will find so much talent in Tulsa it will make your head explode.

I can’t thank all these artists enough for their kindness and support but I believe that is just what they do for visiting artists. There is a camaraderie among Tulsa musicians, the likes I’ve never seen. The fans support the music and the music reflects the scene. I hope to see all these folks in our area more often.

The good folks at Tulsa Guitar and Electronics spent a ton of time sorting out the numerous issues with my old Fender pedal steel, and it’s now a different guitar! Brad James is a genius guitar player and fixer-upper. I had the pleasure of playing that restored Fender with Brad and a bunch of other guys on our last night in town. I wish there was a recording of the night but I guess you just had to be there.

We are planning our next visit to Tulsa and look forward to it knowing the possibilities are endless!

So far here in Austin I’ve played a KOOP radio show - Kim Simpson’s International Folk Bazaar, a Balcony TV spot, and a solo show at House Wine. I’m looking forward to sitting in at The Whip In here in Austin, and then we are off to Sealy Flats in San Angelo, and a date in Amarillo before we head back to Colorado. Again, we are blessed with wonderful and supportive friends here without whom we would not be able to make these trips a reality.  Thank you Chico & Polly!

Upcoming events will include SXSW, The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest, and another European tour in February.















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West Coast Tour 

I am currently on a solo tour from Colorado to California, Oregon, and Montana. Celeste and I are seeing parts of the US that we have never seen before. It's been a great trip! We started out from Fort Collins on July 3rd and stopped in Salt Lake Citry Utah to play at an open mic night. I played a few songs and listened to a few other performers. The highlight of the night was one of the performers drescribing the next tune as being about 'sex' and then dedicated the song to his girlfriend sitting in front of the stage. She seemed a bit uncomfortable as the song got more and more intimate. It was really a swell moment. I love a heart felt tune as much as the next guy but wow, that was really funny. We moved on the next day to Monterey California arriving on the 4th of July. There is no fireworks show in Monterey and using fireworks can get you a $1000 fine. We played a duo show on the 5th for friends and then on the 6th at the Blue Fin on Cannery Row in Monterey. I saw lots of friends and my brother Les made sure that everyone in town knew we were there. Celeste and I have been opening some of the shows with our guitar/pedal steel duo show. It's great fun!! I enjoy playing with her on pedal steel and Celeste gets to play and sing some of her favorite songs. We decided to do it again at the next show in Ukiah, California. That show was also a special one because there are some former Fort Collins people that have moved to Ukiah in past years. Sid Cooperrider and famous FC bartender/barowner Toben got up and played some Atoll songs with me. We went to a party the following day where we met a former Congressman and listened to FC legend Liz Barnez on the CD player. I was pleased to learn that Liz's and my music is regularly played on the radio station there. We drove north to Willits, California to play a show at a great place called the Sanachie Pub. It's a very cool room and the staff and audiance were great. We are happy to continue to share music and make new friends in places that are new to us. That is the whole point of this trip. We are playing at open mic nights on off nights as we did yesterday in Cottage Grove Oregon at the Axe and Fiddle. We met the owner and visited with lots of nice folks.  We will spend the day here in Eugene Oregon and move on the Montana in the morning. Thanks for staying in touch and keep us in your thoughts as you are always in ours! 

Shanachie Pub - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shanachie-Pub/253435045583?sk=info




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North Carolina, California, and Monatana 

I went to North Carolina last week to perform with the Pura Fe Trio. It was a great trip! Good to see Pura Fe and other friends out that way. We also hung out at Music Maker where Pete and I got started on a new CD. Tomorrow I will start driving toward California to play shows and then to Montana. I will post along the way. Here is our short duo set before the trio set in Chappell Hill North Carolina. Keep Colorado on your mind, it's still burning!


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Colorado Brewers Fest, Cafe Cultura, Lucky Joes, Streetmosphere and more.... 

So much has been happening around here at Cary Morin World Headquarters. We are still in the midst of booking our West coast dates and they are coming together. I look forward to getting out of town for a sec and meeting some new folks. Back on May 26th, I played a show at the Bellvue Bean which has since become a staging area for what I understand is the largest fire in Colorado history. We try and keep up with what's going on but it changes daily. We had some evacuees over to the house on Father's Day and just keep hoping that everyone is alright and that it rains soon. There are lots of benefits popping up around town. I think I will probably be on the bill for at least one. In the mean time I will try and get up to a spot (likely the Bellvue Bean) and just play some music since I don't really have much else to offer. On May 27th I did a house concert in Berthoud Colorado, that was a blast!!! Great peeps and really good food too. Our hosts Mike and katie come by from time to time to visit or drop off music we might be interested in. Great folks for sure. It was an honor and a pleasure to play their first show of the year and hope to be an audience member for as many that will follow. Some folks we know here in Fort Collins have been evacuated from their home but before the fire started we dropped by their art gallery Canyon Spirit Gallery to play some tunes. Celeste played guitar and sang, and I played along on pedal steel. We have been doing more of that and I really have a great time doing it. It's different songs and a different guitar for me so it's always interesting, and I'm a better steel player because of it. We had so much fun at the gallery that we did another duo show at the Out Of Bounds bar on a Sunday afternoon. We play some old country tunes and other stuff that we both really like. It's a blast! On June 14th I played in the 1st room the Atoll ever played in here in Fort Collins about 22 years ago. This is the 1st time I have done it with out a band so that was an experience for me. I'm ready to do it again as often as possible! Somewhere in the past few weeks our good friends with the Dustin Pittsley Band came to town. I played pedal and guitar with them for the night. Always fun when they are around from OK. Had more fun with Better Than Bacon a few nights back as well. So much music this summer! We also did a duo gig on the street for a local org called Beet Street. They will hire local folks to play music around town on the weekends out doors. I have another coming up in the fall. My grandson Mason let me borrow his guitar for this one again. Great guy! This weekend I will be at the Colorado Brewers Fest VIP tent on Saturday and Sunday with other local songwriters. We will post all the dates and times of upcoming dates on the website today. Thanks very much for staying in touch and feel free to drop me a line anytime. I always like hearing from folks and will respond in kind. Please keep Fort Collins folks in your thoughts these days. This fire doesn't show any signs stopping. I'm working on the new CD all the while. Thanks for the read! See you soon.



















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Larry's Guitar Shop 

Friday! My daughter Tanna will have her graduation party tonight. She is a beautiful young lady whose job it is to make me laugh constantly. She did very well at Rocky Mountain High School and will attend college here in Fort Collins, Colorado at CSU in the fall. When she was little I was on the road often with The Atoll and shedidn't really get to know me very well till I won her over with daily walks to the coffee shop for slurpies. Words cannot express my love and pride. People have come from out of town, all of her friends will be there, it will be great! My brother in California has a daughter the same age as Tmo and is graduating today. They have been tight since they were little ones. I'm proud of both of them and hope they remain the best of friends forever. Congratulations to all the students and parents who will be celebrating this weekend. Well done!! It's a holiday weekend here in America so business has pretty much come to a halt (at least here in Ft. Collins). Cary Morin World Headquarters is dark today. I just thought I'd take a moment to describe my performance at Larry's guitars in Longmont Colorado last night. I played a 90 minute set with a few new songs performed for the first time in front of people. That felt pretty good. The songs are Elizabeth, and Thunder. The rest of the show was a mix of stuff. I did stop every couple of songs to talk about the songs and how I came to the point I'm at with guitar and songwriting. If you have seen a show you may have seen shows where I don't stop playing at all. I am capable of speech on stage just so you know. Larry is a great guy and was very helpful in promoting the show and providing production for it. It was sort of nice to just walk in with one guitar and sit down and do the show. The local TV station was there so they will post some songs here within the next few weeks. The crowd was not at all familiar with me or my music and just came out to see what it was all about. I think that is fantastic. There are so many bands that I have not gone to see yet so I will try and keep that same spirit and go see something I'm not familiar with just to see what's going on. I'm sitting here at home listening of a huge mix of Phish. I'm dog sitting my son's dogs Yogi and Hendrix this weekend. They love Phish. Well that's about it. Play music, sing it louder, and have fun this weekend!! 

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Download KRFC FM Live At Lunch program from Fort Collins, Colorado 

I got up this morning (blues riff) and went out to the trailer (blues riff) played guitar until 11am (blues riff) and went a did a live radio show. The Live At Lunch show is just one of the cool things that KRFC does for Fort Collins. I like going down there for other shows too but this one you get to sit and play for an hour with a band or by yourself or whatever you like. Pretty cool. After the radio show I went over and played a few tunes on another stage and it occurred to me that I sing differently in an epmty room than I do on a stage with people around. Don't know if I should be concerned about that or not? If you didn't get a chance to hear the show, here it is. It's in MP3 format so it should not take that long to grab if you feel so inclined. The song list is: Dream Marquee, Thunder, Tennnessee Jed, Prisoner, Nobody Loves You, May You Never, Wolfman's Brother, Spike Driver Blues, Sing It Louder, War/No More Trouble

01_Live_at_Lunch_KRFC_FM_1.mp3 Listen on Posterous



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Berthoud Colorado House Concert & KRFC FM and more. 


Hi again. I'm sitting here thinking of the things I have to do this week. Tuesdays always end with a trip to the Rio Grande in Fort Collins likley followed by a walk to Lucky Joe's to say hi to Kev and Mary Beth, possibly the man himself, Joe. My favorite daughter (sorry Tad & Maggie) will graduate from HS this week. There will be a party and people from out of town. We love her very much and are very proud of her accomplishments. Don''t worry, I tell them they are all my favorites. I have a show at Larry's Guitars in Longmont, Colorado on Thursday and a show at the Bellvue Bean in Bellvue, Colorado. That one might be sold out but hop on the website if you are interested. The other thing going on this week is a house conert in Berthoud Colorado. This is going to be fun for me, make the drive and all are welcome. Tomorrow I will do a live radio broadcast from our home grown public radio station here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Check it out at 12:00 noon Rocky Mountain Standard time. I have an interesting plan for that one. 



Have a great Tuesday!


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