Better Than Bacon Pizza

One of the swell features of living here on the Colorado Piedmont is the fickle nature of the spring season. In some ways I welcome it as an indicator of the coming summer, some other parts of it I really don't care for much. The wind. I hate the wind. I grew up in a pretty windy place in Montana and it has trained me to despise the windy months on the plains. There was dust, garbage, tree branches and basically annoying cold weather. I will stop complaining now.,_Colorado

The plan for the day was to join my friends from Fort Collins band Better Than Bacon at Zio Romolo's for some acoustic music. Along the way we stopped at Larry's Guitars in Longmont and met the owner, Larry. His shop has some nice vintage amps, guitars, and other instruments. He also has a concert series that he hosts in the shop and the schedule looks pretty cool. There are a couple of players that I know so I would be interested to meet those on the schedule that I don't know. I'll keep an eye on that one for sure!


Next stop was the Waterloo Icehouse in Louisville where I'll be playing this Saturday. What a great place!! The BACON wrapped stuffed peppers are pretty amazing. The rich Waterloo history from Austin TX lives in Colorado too. I'm looking forward to that one.

We drove onward through the blowing dirt and garbage to Denver. Zio Romolo's Alley Bar is part of Pasquini's Restaurant in Highland. I used to play at a different Pasquini's location a few decades ago and remember the food being amazing and the people cool. Same thing here. The Bacon Bits were setting up as we arrived. I had a great time playing with them in Steamboat last weekend. I have been sitting in on some of their shows when I can and I thoroughly enjoy their songs and company. All the guys in the band are great players and friends. Last night Frankie was absent but the acoustic versions of their songs were sweet. 'I'll Be Your Fool' and 'Write You A Letter' stick in your head like your favorite bacon dish. I really like the room since it has a Grateful Dead history and cool jam tunes playing over a nice sound system all the time. Great place!! I got up and did 5 songs after the Bacon Bits' first set and headed back out on I25 towards Fort Collins.


Tonight's open mic is at Swallow Hill in Denver. Check out the link, legendary acoustic venue.


Before I head off to lunch with my daughter, I need to share a blog with you. Read this, what this young man is doing is amazing. Wow.



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The Mayor Of Old Town


We decided to stay a little closer to home and check out The Mayor Of Old Town in Fort Collins last night. I used to spend some time in the building back when it was The Mountain Shop. It's a great looking room. As you walk in there is a long meandering bar on the left with 100 taps behind it. The menu is projected above the bar with projectors. There is an upstairs area in the back with more dining tables. The bar features mixed drinks as well as the huge beer selection and the food is provided by the popular Fort Collins Red Table Cafe. The stage is in the front window facing Mason Street and is high enough to be seen from the intire room. I've seen blugrass bands and solo acts on this stage, even though it is poorly lit I still think it is an interesting stage. The room is all hard surfaces, stone, concrete, tile, and cinder block. It looks pleasing but it's hard to hear the music over the crowd. The 'Mayor' has placed Bose audio overhead to offer support to the stage system and it creates a backround feel to the live music in the main room but up front by the stage the Bose system sounds really nice. 

The place was packed when I walked in and the music started at 7pm with the featured artist Brian Biebly. I was sitting in the center of the room for his performance and couldn't hear very well although I could tell he had a great voice and his songs sounded great from what we could hear. I got a chance to sit and visit with him after the show and I would suggest seeking him out when he plays around town, nice guy! Tyler T and Curt got up and did some tunes. I've seen both of these guys do solo shows but never heard them together before, they sounded great. I like both their songwriting and look forward to hearing the full band they have put together. I got up and did some songs around 9 and enjoyed the other performances I heard. 

If you aren't familiar with Fort Collins, on Mason ave the railroad tracks run in the middle of the street and right through the center of town. Freight trains run through town a few times a day at a reasonable speed and it's always a bit concerning when you can hear the train whistle in the distance and wonder if you will be stuck on the wrong side of the tracks with dozens of other vehicles. The train runs right in front of the Mayor Of Fort Collins and Avo's across the street. Little kids love it, big kids not so much. 

I'll head to Steamboat Colorado with my buddies Better Than Bacon this weekend for some face melting electric rock. Yeah! Have a fun weekend!


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Just when I needed it 

It's Thursday afternoon here in Fort Collins. It's been a really nice day, I'm pleased to have lived in this town for so many years and days like today are the reason why. I did a some songwriting this morning. I wish I could sit down and write 20 songs but it just doesn't work that way for me. Some said to me today 'you can't take it out of the oven too soon'. I had some errends to run so I stopped by the bowling alley to watch my mom bowl for a bit. I dodn't think I was a good luck charm for her so I moved on with my day, stopping by the printers, a few other things and then it was time to pick my son up from work. I'm so happy for him! He has been promoted to server at the Rio here in old town and today was his tequela training day. You can imagine my pride. I managed to get him home and headed back to the other side of town where I now call home. I was sitting here at the table enjoying some green chili when I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. It was Casey in Castle Rock. I don't here from Casey much, in fact I've never gotten a call from him. He was calling to tell me about what happened to him yesterday. He said he was driving home after work, listening to a self help CD of some sort. He said he felt he really made a connection with part of the disc and it made him feel great. At that moment his CD player stopped playing the CD and switched to on of mine. He said even further it skipped to his favorite song of mine. He was so overwhelmed that he had to pull his truck over and gather himself. Thanks for the call Casey. That made my day! 

I'm off to find a spot to play some music tonight. Have a great day everyone!

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Fort Collins, Colorado 

Im back in Fort Collins. I have never been one to complain about jet lag but I pretty much got my ass kicked on this trip to Europe! I was good the first few days there and then it became difficult to sleep. I went one night entirely without sleep, then we came home. I thought I did pretty good on the way back but then it started all over in the US. Im still getting up at 3am but not going to let it bother me. It will work it's self out, right? Right! I have some shows coming up with Music Maker recording artist Leyla McCalla in a few weeks, some local acoustic shows, another trip to Europe, some recording for myself and with the Trio, and a change of address. Lots to deal with this spring! I will get back to hitting open mic nights soon. It's something I really enjoy and I think it's good for me to get out as much as possible. I have a few new songs I will start playing on stage, please come out and see a show sometime if you can? I'm excited to play the guitar Music Maker sent over the holidays tonight at El Monte in Fort Collins, it rocks! See you soon.

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