Washington D.C, Durham NC, & Badalona Spain 

Washington D.C., Durham NC and Badalona Spain It was the idea of Music Maker to get 2 new members of their Next Generation program together to preform as a duo. I traveled from Fort Collins to Durham last Monday and Leyla McCalla picked me up at the airport. She is a 25 year old multi instrumentalist who had just driven from her home in New Orleans to meet me. She is managed by the president of Music Maker and the newest member of our pride and joy, the Carolina Chocolate Drops. She is one of the more pleasant young women you will ever meet. We made the short drive to the Music Maker studio, had some food and drinks and got to know each other. I enjoy visiting with all the members of the Music Maker staff and look forward to visiting Durham every chance I get. On Tuesday I rehearsed with Leyla most of the day and we all enjoyed dinner. I had more guitar home work that night and finally got to bed around 1AM. Wednesday morning we were up and started recording some of Leyla's songs. her banjo, guitar, and cello work is great. We made it through 4 songs, had a quick photo shoot and then it was time to hit the road. Our trip to Washington was around 5 hours of driving. I'm not that familiar with DC but the GPS seems to get you wherever you need to go. We stayed at the condo of great supporters of Music Maker and rehearsed there a bit more the next day. On Thursday the venue was in downtown Washington DC at The Hamilton. This is a fairly new venue in town and a great place to perform! The staff and management made us feel right at home. The headliner was the Holmes Brothers, Leyla was the opener (with me) and I was the opener-opener. I did about 7 songs and at the last minute closed with 'W'. I couldn't resist, I was in DC after all. After the show and a great dinner we loaded up and started on the 5 hour drive back to Music Maker arriving around 4am. I dont often set an alarm for the morning but did this time. We got up in time to GPS to WUNC FM in Durham for Leyla's performance and interview on the popular show The State Of Things. She did a great job and I was impressed with the production. That night we performed near Chapel Hill at The Art Center and had some chicken wings after the show. I think I may need to stress the need for and amp on stage since I couldn't really hear my guitar, but other than that it was a great trip. The next morning I ignored my alarm but was still to my flight back to Colorado. I always welcome the opportunity to perform with new friends and see new places. Many thanks to Music Maker for making that possible and for donating another classic guitar to my new home! After traveling home on Saturday and wandering around Old Town Fort Collins a bit, Sunday and Monday were spent moving my classic 70s Streamline trailer to it's new home. It will continue to be my guesthouse if you need a place to rest your head. Tuesday I boarded a flight for Barcelona and as I write this I am sitting on the coast of Spain ready for another adventure with the Pura Fe Trio. Through the miracle of modern medicine I slept nearly the whole flight.  More good friends and music for the next few weeks. The people here are still wearing jackets and scarfs but it feels pretty warm to me! We have a show here tonight and the day off here tomorrow. Leyla is back on tour with the Carolina Chocolate Drops in the US but I hope to see her again late summer. I'm back home in mid April to continue the never ending quest for fun (and work)!

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Pembroke North Carolina & Recording in Colorado 


The Pura Fe Trio gives me the opportunity to travel to NC and visit with the nice folks out there. We played at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke on March 10th. I actually got a little ill that weekend but overall it was a good trip. I went and talked to a doctor the other day, and it was pointed out to me that I need to eat. I was also reminded by several other people so don't be surprised if the next time you see me I'm the new super sized version of myself. I have only taken a break from eating everything I can find in order to write this for you. The theme song to Fat Albert is constantly in my head for some reason. On the 14th of March I went to Loveland Colorado to spend some time with Jason Larson and Johnny Hickman at Backbone Studio. I have been wanting to record an entire project at that studio but the opportunity has not come up yet. Jason used to play guitar for the Atoll and is now the main engineer at Backbone. He has been a great friend over the years and it's always fun to work with him. Years back we used to do an acoustic duo once a week in Lafayette and also shared a rehearsal space. He is a great talent around here, and I'm sure he will bring a great feel to Johnny's new CD. Johnny Hickman is now more than just a FB friend for me! He has written some great hits over the years and his band Cracker continues to do concerts and rock the world. From what I heard of the project they are working on, it's going to be a great sounding collection of songs. They worked me and the pedal steel out pretty well. I had to take the rest of the day to do other things and got to sleep early. Otherwise, the week has been spent eating and working on Layla McCalla's songs in preparation for our shows together next week in North Carolina and Washington DC. I'll be playing guitar here at Cary Morin World Headquarters for most of the day, most likely in the kitchen so's I can get in to the fridge in case there is an emergency. 







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Winter Park, Colorado & KGNU FM in Boulder 


What a great weekend. There will be a break from winter from time to time here in Colorado now that it is March. We usually enjoy a mix of warmer weather mixed with more snow than has fallen all winter. I like it! After taking a day off on Friday I met up with my friends from Better Than Bacon and stayed in Fraser, Colorado. I sat in with them on Saturday afternoon (outside) at the Winter Park Ski Village and played some electric guitar, something I don't get to do much anymore. Time spent with these guys is always fun. We played with heaters on stage, no problem for Better Than Bacon since they are a hearty band. After the show we stayed in Fraser again and with the mountain air and a long day outside, eveyone was knocked out pretty early. Sunday morning I was off to Boulder to play some songs for the KGNU public radio fundraiser. I visited with the host of Indian Voices, Theresa Halsey for a bit and played about 5 songs from Sing It Louder. Theresa has hosted the show for 27 years. That is pretty impressive huh? I've known Theresa for years and she has always been very supportive of my musical endeavors. Check out her show and write a check to KGNU! Listen to that March 4th performance here: http://www.kgnu.org/indianvoicesarchives  This week I will take some time to work on songs and get ready for a trip to North Carolina with the Pura Fe Trio. We are playing in Pembroke, check out the link and if you are nearby come check out the show. http://www.uncp.edu/gpac/special/index.htm  Later in the month I will travel back to North Carolina to play some shows with Leyla McCalla as she takes a break from her heavy touring schedule with the Carolina Chocolate Drops to dedicate some time to her own music. Her upcoming release from the Music Maker label will be a good one. We will play at the Hamilton in Washington DC and back in NC for a WUNC North Carolina Public Radio show 'The State Of Things', as well as another show at the Carrboro Art Center near Charlotte.






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Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont Colorado 


The Open Mic Odyssey moves on! I drove to Longmont last night to check out the Oskar Blues open mic night. It was pretty packed when I got there, this place is insanley popular. The signup was at 7:30 and lots of people came out to play. I had seen one of the featured artists in Memphis last year at the Folk Alliance International convention, Bonnie & The Clydes helped host and open the night. They are a fantastic acoutic duo, world class stuff! I'm hoping to see them in Fort Collins soon. I thouroughly enjoyed the other performers, at least as late as I could stay as the drive to Fort Collins had to happen sooner or later. Summertime at this place must be a blast since they have a huge outdoor patio with a stage and possibly the biggest beer can in the world. Check out the great beer, food, and music at Oskar's.

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Video_Mar_01,_2_17_26_PM.mov Watch on Posterous
Little Kids Rock is an organization out of New Jersey that provides instruments for kids and teaches them how to play popular music, all free of charge. When I was a kid and the music programs were free in the school system. It really helped me begin to carve out a life full of music. I was honored to be a part of an event at Lopez Elementary today where this organization brought 350 Fender acoustic guitars to the school in a huge truck provided by a local moving company and let them know that these guitars are going to be spread throughout the scool district. They will also provide keyboards, bass guitars and amps, drums, and electric guitars and amps. It was pretty cool to see the kids sit and stare at huge stacks of guitars. Thanks to the Bohemian Foundation for helping get this event together and hooking Fort Collins up with this really fantastic program. This needs to come to your town. Check out their website and tell them so!





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Pioneer Inn, Nederland Colorado 




If you are stopping by my blog for the first time, thanks for reading this. I have been doing some traveling for the last few years on and off. I started writing down my thoughts and posting to FB. I finally decided to start this blog to have a place to post songs and my recent quest for the open mic night. It's been a few months since I started visiting open mic nights in Colorado. My goal is to hit open mic nights out of Colorado and around the world. Here are the 10 places I've been to so far: Rock N Soul in Boulder, Connor O'Neil's in Boulder, Oskar Blues in Lyons, Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins, The Waterloo Icehouse in Lousiville, KRFC FM in Fort Collins, The D Note in Arvada, The Mayor Of Old Town in Fort Collins, Lucky Joe's in Fort Collins, and The Drake Park in Fort Collins. I included KRFC because they do a live show once a week featuring a local guy spinning tunes on the radio. I did the first one, sort of a DJ open mic. It's been lots of fun and I will keep after it! Last night I decided to drive to Nederland Colorado for the open mic night at the Pioneer Inn. Nederland is up in the mountains above Boulder. There are plenty of interesting events held in this little town including this weekend's Frozen Dead Guy Days. Not to be missed for sure.


 It's a bit of a drive from here but that is going to happen. I'll have to drive further and further from Fort Collins to find open mic nights to check off the list. Sign up is listed as 7:30 pm. I wonder if maybe in Nederland everything is just a little more laid back than other places along the Colorado Piedmont. As I was the only performer there, there was no signup and the very capable host Maus started around 8:30. I enjoyed his songs and did a few songs after his. Maus (pronounced Mouse) is a big guy. I wanted to get a picture standing next to him but it didn't happen. His choice of songs, guitar playing and singing was all cool. This open mic night is the most simplistic I have attended so far. 
A chair, a mic and an amp on the floor in the dinning room. What more does it take? I enjoyed my time at the Pioneer and drove back to Fort Collins. I'll get back after it tonight. I'm spending my days working on new songs and playing guitar.  Maybe I'll try out a few new songs at what ever open mic I land at tonight. Thanks for reading.

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Waterloo Icehouse in Louisville Colorado 






For a couple of years I traveled around with my friend Scott Von playing music and flyfishing in Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming. He taught me invaluble lessons on stage performing and guitars in general. 


Scott and I once played the Waterloo a few years back. I recently went in and played the open mic night and as a result got a Saturday night spot. It took me a while to remember I had been there once before with Scott! The memory is the first to go, right? I arrived around 8:15 for my 9:30 show time. I know, I do that all the time. Being early doesn't always work out but at least I try. The place was packed when we got there. I can't say enough about the town, the bar, and the people. It's a great place. I haven't had the chance to play 3 sets any where since I have been on the trail of a new solo career. Last night I got my chance and it couldn't have happened in a better place. Brandon runs the audio and he met us at 8:30 and made us feel right at home. 


I played a few songs that I haven't done before. A few songs that I did sounded like I had never played them before. I like the joint, I'm sure you will too. It's 10 minutes from Boulder, drop in and Sing It Louder.

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Lucky Joe's in Fort Collins 

If you have lived in Fort Collins you know Joe's. My history there goes back a few years. When I played in a band called The Island back in the 90s the place was called the Old Town Ale House. There is a pedestrian mall there now, I'm not sure if it was there back then. I get pretty nostalgic when I think of the 80s and 90s in old town FC. I remember hundreds of bikes parked on the sidewalks, music in all the bars, and warm summer nights. Some nights I would play a bar on Linden street and walk around to the other bars on my break to see what was going on. On Thanksgiving of 1991 the owner of the Ale House asked me to bring a few other guys and play a show. I got Chip and Ron from the Island to do it. The namelss band needed a name for advertising and suggested the Atoll. I didn't care one way or the other, the name lasted 22 years. As the years passed I have had lots of friends who have played or worked in the room, it hasn't changed much over the years. It's still as popular as ever and I love visiting the room, it takes me back everytime I go in there. The current owner Joe and manager Kevin used to coach peewee football back in the day, my son was on one of those teams way back when. Joe called last Thursday asking if I wanted to fill in for a canceled date. I canceled my plans to play in Denver and played the night with my buddy Dave Kimball. I even played a few songs with Joe. Getting that call was much like the first call I got to play the room in '91. Lucky Joe's is part of Fort Collins history. Stop in for a $2 Guiness the next time you are in FC on a Tuesday or the open mic night run by Joe himself on Sundays! If you are interested in learning more about rock music history in Fort Collins, check out Tim Van Schmidt's website http://KingKoncert.com for photos and reviews, tell him I sent you. 


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