Just when I needed it

It's Thursday afternoon here in Fort Collins. It's been a really nice day, I'm pleased to have lived in this town for so many years and days like today are the reason why. I did a some songwriting this morning. I wish I could sit down and write 20 songs but it just doesn't work that way for me. Some said to me today 'you can't take it out of the oven too soon'. I had some errends to run so I stopped by the bowling alley to watch my mom bowl for a bit. I dodn't think I was a good luck charm for her so I moved on with my day, stopping by the printers, a few other things and then it was time to pick my son up from work. I'm so happy for him! He has been promoted to server at the Rio here in old town and today was his tequela training day. You can imagine my pride. I managed to get him home and headed back to the other side of town where I now call home. I was sitting here at the table enjoying some green chili when I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. It was Casey in Castle Rock. I don't here from Casey much, in fact I've never gotten a call from him. He was calling to tell me about what happened to him yesterday. He said he was driving home after work, listening to a self help CD of some sort. He said he felt he really made a connection with part of the disc and it made him feel great. At that moment his CD player stopped playing the CD and switched to on of mine. He said even further it skipped to his favorite song of mine. He was so overwhelmed that he had to pull his truck over and gather himself. Thanks for the call Casey. That made my day! 

I'm off to find a spot to play some music tonight. Have a great day everyone!

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