International Blues Challenge

A year ago Celeste decided it would be a good idea for me to join the Colorado Blues Society. The IBC is an annual event in every US State and some other spots around the world. All the info can be found on their website -
I qualified for the IBC finals after winning a semi-qualifier in Lakewood, Colorado in July. The next round was to be held in Golden Colorado the day after a show Celeste had booked for me in North Carolina. We discussed it at length and decided that the cost of the plane ticket would be a gamble but it would be a good thing if I was to win. I was doubtful. The day of my flight also happened to be the same day our RV was to go in for major surgery in NC. Not the best timing but I got on the plane. 
I arrived in Denver and my buddy Nathan picked me up at the airport. I had 3 hours to kill before my set. We had lunch and then went to the venue to watch the competition. I have not been part of a musical competition since I was in grade school. I was even more skeptical as I watched the other performers do their thing. My plan was to slow my show down a bit and stop between songs, something I don’t do a whole lot of. The performances are judged by a fairly large panel of knowledgable blues enthusiasts and performers, past winners, radio show hosts, all seated in the front row, plus the show was well attended. I was the last of the solo/duo acts to perform and afterward the band competition would begin, the winners to be announced after the show. I was filled with doubt for sure by this time. I had traveled all the way across the country and would do it again the following day on my return to North Carolina. Winnig was a bit of a shock. It is an honor to be chosen to represent Colorado and my family and friends in Colorado, back home in Montana and around the country at the IBC finals in Memphis, Tennesee in January. 
We will drive from wherever we are at that point and I will do my best!

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