Fort Collins, Colorado

Im back in Fort Collins. I have never been one to complain about jet lag but I pretty much got my ass kicked on this trip to Europe! I was good the first few days there and then it became difficult to sleep. I went one night entirely without sleep, then we came home. I thought I did pretty good on the way back but then it started all over in the US. Im still getting up at 3am but not going to let it bother me. It will work it's self out, right? Right! I have some shows coming up with Music Maker recording artist Leyla McCalla in a few weeks, some local acoustic shows, another trip to Europe, some recording for myself and with the Trio, and a change of address. Lots to deal with this spring! I will get back to hitting open mic nights soon. It's something I really enjoy and I think it's good for me to get out as much as possible. I have a few new songs I will start playing on stage, please come out and see a show sometime if you can? I'm excited to play the guitar Music Maker sent over the holidays tonight at El Monte in Fort Collins, it rocks! See you soon.

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