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One of the swell features of living here on the Colorado Piedmont is the fickle nature of the spring season. In some ways I welcome it as an indicator of the coming summer, some other parts of it I really don't care for much. The wind. I hate the wind. I grew up in a pretty windy place in Montana and it has trained me to despise the windy months on the plains. There was dust, garbage, tree branches and basically annoying cold weather. I will stop complaining now.,_Colorado

The plan for the day was to join my friends from Fort Collins band Better Than Bacon at Zio Romolo's for some acoustic music. Along the way we stopped at Larry's Guitars in Longmont and met the owner, Larry. His shop has some nice vintage amps, guitars, and other instruments. He also has a concert series that he hosts in the shop and the schedule looks pretty cool. There are a couple of players that I know so I would be interested to meet those on the schedule that I don't know. I'll keep an eye on that one for sure!


Next stop was the Waterloo Icehouse in Louisville where I'll be playing this Saturday. What a great place!! The BACON wrapped stuffed peppers are pretty amazing. The rich Waterloo history from Austin TX lives in Colorado too. I'm looking forward to that one.

We drove onward through the blowing dirt and garbage to Denver. Zio Romolo's Alley Bar is part of Pasquini's Restaurant in Highland. I used to play at a different Pasquini's location a few decades ago and remember the food being amazing and the people cool. Same thing here. The Bacon Bits were setting up as we arrived. I had a great time playing with them in Steamboat last weekend. I have been sitting in on some of their shows when I can and I thoroughly enjoy their songs and company. All the guys in the band are great players and friends. Last night Frankie was absent but the acoustic versions of their songs were sweet. 'I'll Be Your Fool' and 'Write You A Letter' stick in your head like your favorite bacon dish. I really like the room since it has a Grateful Dead history and cool jam tunes playing over a nice sound system all the time. Great place!! I got up and did 5 songs after the Bacon Bits' first set and headed back out on I25 towards Fort Collins.


Tonight's open mic is at Swallow Hill in Denver. Check out the link, legendary acoustic venue.


Before I head off to lunch with my daughter, I need to share a blog with you. Read this, what this young man is doing is amazing. Wow.



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